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Craft Cocktails

The beverage industry has become increasingly competitive. A strong craft cocktail menu is the least your bar will need to be relevant and successful. House mixes made with fresh ingredients are a key component of any successful beverage program. Following industry trends, and using your unique vision as our guide, Elite Mixology will create recipes and menus that make your business standout. 
Opening and running a restaurant is time consuming and stressful, outsourcing your bar program will free up time and energy so you can focus on the many other aspects of your business. Elite Mixology will develop ordering and inventory systems and initiate vendor relationships to start you on the path to success.
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Staff Training

Hospitality is all about people, so it makes sense that the people you choose to represent your business should reflect your company's vision and values. Because when it comes to the success of your restaurant, the importance of proper staff training cannot be emphasized enough.


Our team of experienced hospitality professionals are on hand to teach proper selling techniques, recipes, and procedures, and to help your staff properly execute your unique style of service. With decades of high quality service experience, you can trust our trainers to hand your staff the keys to consistent success.

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